Why Buy Star?

The Brightest Jewel in the Gem State

The community of Star was one of the earliest settlements in the Boise Valley. One of the first settlers was Ben F. Swalley who in 1863 drove his ox team and wagon onto 300 acres of land along the Boise River, one mile south of the present town. Others soon followed, homesteading the good farm land along the Boise River. The surrounding farms often catered to the needs of early travelers and miners providing them with food and lodging on their way to and from the mines in the Boise Basin.

One of the later branches of the Oregon Trail that crossed the river near Boise passed through what now is Star, just south of present-day Highway 44. The first location of the village of Star was one mile to the east of present Star. The first schoolhouse was built there in the 1870’s. When the settlers finished building the schoolhouse, one of the men sawed out a star and nailed it to the front door, pounding nails all around its edge. This star became an important landmark for miles around and was a guide for travelers and miners. When they came to the schoolhouse with the star on the door, they would find lodging for the night. In time, the town became known as Star. 

The city of Star has seen some of the fastest growth in the Treasure Valley. Lower cost homes and a rural small town feel have been appealing features of this rapidly changing town. Enjoy the active local team sports programs, fly fishing or kayaking the Boise River, or bicycle one of the many area trails.

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